Helen Brister

Helen Brister

I am a energy healer, writer, speaker, intuitive guide and teacher. I work with divine light and love, sound, crystals, colour and shamanic healing modalities on all levels of being from physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. I specialise in assemblage point alignment, chakra energising and balancing and removal of energy blockages within the physical body and energy field. Taking healing to a high level of personal development on all levels.

Upgrade your health and wellbeing with sound healing and angel therapy. Are you ready?

Please call:
01923 268 046

Please call:
01923 268 046

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Thank you for visiting my website, the wonderful home of healing hands, helping you to transform your health and wellbeing using various modalities that may or may not mean anything to you. These modalities work on all levels whether that is physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual. Always for your highest good. As well as the treatments, feedback is provided with further discussion so you are coached to continue to move forward with your healing and personal development, which healing really is. So if you are ready to elevate your health and wellbeing, live your life with purpose and fulfilment  then why not kick start the new you today and click on the 'let's talk button' to the right of this page or give me a call on 01923 268046. Helen



 I highly recommend Helen as a healer. She has a wide variety of healing techniques at her disposal, coupled with incredible powers of channelling, perception and intent. I got the feeling with Helen that once she has ascertained what needs to happen, it just happens! She is a very clear, practical and heart centred channel for clearing, re-structuring and empowering the flow of energy within us, at all levels. Julia Moore, Holistic Yoga, London.

I have seen Helen for treatments for the past two years. Helen has such a wealth of experience and is accomplished at such a wide range of modalities, that she is able to creatively approach any issue and tailor make a session to just what is needed. She couples a professional approach with a profound sensitivity and perception that guides her work. She has been able to reach and work on such a deep level with an issue, one that I may not have even been aware of and that has had amazing results. She has helped me with relationships, family issues, work and creativity. Greater than this she has helped me to become more my true self and to shed some of the things that were holding me back from realising my true potential. Alistair Smith, Sound Coherence, London.



Leaving pain behind class will return in April or May this year.


Treatments with a way forward - 60 minutes to include health, medical and data protection questionnaires. Minimum 40 minutes of healing and full breakdown of the information I have gleamed during your treatment, such as suppressed energy, blockages and much more to support you going forward. £35 in person or remotely, Chipperfield, Kings Langley, Herts.


Healing and mentoring package (your helping hand) - please enquire as taylor made to suit your needs, time and budget. 


See below for spotlight on Assemblage Point Alignment - the essential way for your healing journey to begin. Thank you



Spotlight on Assemblage Point Alignment

Our assemblage point sits in the middle of our chest and is where our energy body enters our physical body (The Catalyst of Power by Jon Whale) determining how we feel, think and behave. This point can shift and is then detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Through many years of study Jon whale states this fragmentation/shift is the root cause of many debilitating illnesses, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too. This shift of the assemblage point happens through trauma, abuse, accidents, bereavement, operations, anything which upsets us a great deal and provides a shock to our system. Even a fall which may seem minor can shift this point. In one treatment I can bring together the shift/fragmented parts for full energy to be returned to where it should be, ensuring a chance to return to optimum health. A quick check to whether your AP has shifted or fragmented takes just a few moments. So if this resonates with you please get in contact. 


I have been aligning since 2015 but since January the possibilities of the alignment has cemented within me the absolute necessity of this treatment for health and wellbeing. I have discovered that allergies have literally disappeared within a couple of days, anxieties, depression and breathing difficulties, depending on severity have taken a week to six months to heal. So if something has happened to you and afterwards you have felt you have not returned to the way you were, then perhaps it is time for you to have your AP checked?


Since January I have been working with M.E sufferers and I am over the moon to announce that of the 6th August one person has said they feel they no longer have M.E. Others who are continuing the journey with me have found they now have a zest for life again, becoming more creative, have lost weight, one lady can now read after years of not being able to concentrate, mentally more calmer with energy levels increasing. Such amazing news. It really is a process for them over time.


A testimonial from Jacky in St Albans 'I am feeling very well. I believe the alignment and whatever else you did has helped enormously. So thank you very much" and that is just after two weeks of having the alignment and been suffering with M.E for nine years. The alignment allows for healing to continue over time.



Divine messages for you - 'Start by loving yourself because you are a divine being of love and light' 'Love is the food of life, so feast upon it each day'

Action for you - Archangel Raphael I invite you into my life for healing, guidance, and an abundance of love and joy. Thank you