Helen Brister

Helen Brister

I am a energy healer, writer, speaker, intuitive guide and teacher. I work with divine light and love, sound, crystals, colour and shamanic healing modalities on all levels of being from physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. I specialise in assemblage point alignment, chakra energising and balancing and removal of energy blockages within the physical body and energy field. Taking healing to a high level of personal development on all levels.

Upgrade your health and wellbeing with sound healing and angel therapy. Are you ready?

Please call:
01923 268 046

Please call:
01923 268 046

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Plan of Action for you - Negativity - Note 3

I was very negative during and following seven years of pain with all the medical labels I had acquired. As I researched and read about my conditions, I believed a natural deterioration would occur and that was exactly what was happening. The medical world are brilliant with pioneering operations, injections or tablets but when you don't want an operation, more injections for pain and tablets that mask the problems then hope can be lost and feeling out of control and helpless resides and maybe you are feeling that way too? But don't despair my blog is here! along with the world of complementary/alternative treatments which recognise we are of mind, body and spirit. Many self-care books are available, talking to Archangel Raphael (the most important thing), taking ownership and responsibility for yourself, not only lifts you in all ways to help yourself, you also regain control and with the supernal way all is possible.


Ownership, connection and change


Negativity is catching, it is like a plague and we become attracted to others who are negative as it confirms the way we are is correct. We can not help it, it is the way it goes as it reflects back to us the way we are, although we do not always know this until we ask ourselves the question. Are we the same? 

Negativity weakens us, repeat ‘I feel fed up today’ a few times and notice how you feel and how your body is reacting, then repeat ‘I feel great today’ a few times and notice the difference. Dr Emoto did a study to show the effects words have on us, such as 'hate' created dark crystals in water and repeated words of love, created glistening, beautiful crystals. As you know we are made up of approximately eighty percent water, so if we continually use negative, un-empowering words and statements, imagine the effect it is having on us!

So let us move away from negativity because it can be done with conscious effort and determination, as well as it is scientifically proven that positive people live longer and have fewer illnesses.



Take action now - You have guessed it - discover the negative words and statements you are using. Write them down and change each one to a positive, empowering statement or word and keep repeating through the day. When the negative thought appears, there and then repeat three times your new sentence or word.

I moved from physical and emotional pain to become positive, living true to who I really am. More happier, healthy, loving and joyous than I have ever been in my life. So this process goes on and on. As I have changed my mindset my beliefs have changed and with that I trust in the abundance of the universe and that anything is possible, dreams coming true and this is now what is happening.


As our words become more empowering, more empowered we become, positive thoughts, positivity appears. 


‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit’









Plan of Action for You - Ownership and Intention - Note 2

So it is crunch time to commit some of your time each day for you. A little self-focus is all that is needed to start. A coffee break without the coffee, to gradually enhance your quality of life. So are you ready? I hope your answer is a resounding ‘yes’. A few minutes now and again throughout the day, incorporating new ways until they become second nature and part of your everyday life, as if they have always been there. Slipping into your daily routine seamlessly, ultimately saving you time and energy, for enhanced health and wellbeing. Discovering about you as your self awareness grows and you start living true to who you really are and with that, it is possible to discover your purpose in life and your chance to leaving pain/illness behind.


Essentially for now, it is all about you – the one we tend to neglect!


So I hope you have now invited Archangel Raphael into your life and chatting each day, surrendering challenges and looking for signs or just noticing things effortlessly fall away. Always ensure when surrendering you ask for the outcome to be for the highest good of all concerned. Also understand that it may appear a situation gets worse before the blessing is revealed.

Now lets look at Ownership and Intention

Taking ownership and setting my intention of eliminating pain, changed my mind-set from one of believing outside help would totally cure me, to one of owning my situation, health and wellbeing. I was in control and committed to the intention of “I have started my journey to a life free of pain” which I said each and every day. So whatever your aliment is change pain to that, such as M.E. Make it relevant and feel the energy this creates within.

Without intention we have no focus. So each day as you repeat your intention, affirming what you want to achieve, allow your intuition/gut feeling to guide you. The more you do this tuning in the easier it gets. Life is about learning and this learning enables change and healing to be possible. There are reasons for how you are. You are the only one with yourself 24 hours each day to know what you are doing, what you are thinking, what you are feeling and whether you are spiritually connected. We are physical, emotional, cognitive and of spirit so all areas need addressing. Keep up with any other spiritual/religious beliefs but incorporate Archangel Raphael as his job is for healing. Follow what feels right. the key is surrendering and asking for help. We do have to put in our due diligence.


Take Action Now - Set your intention, write it down, stick it where you will see it lots and affirm it each day by reading it our loud. Recognise you are responsible for yourself your life, wellbeing and situation you are in. We have choices.