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Helen Brister

I am a energy healer, writer, speaker, intuitive guide and teacher. I work with divine light and love, sound, crystals, colour and shamanic healing modalities on all levels of being from physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. I specialise in assemblage point alignment, chakra energising and balancing and removal of energy blockages within the physical body and energy field. Taking healing to a high level of personal development on all levels.

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Please call:
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Please call:
01923 268 046

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Dear Back or Hip Pain Sufferers,

Hindsight is an incredible thing and how different our lives would be if we knew the consequences or had the answers before we did something, but then perhaps what would be the fun in that?

Surely if we don't get lows then how do we know what the highs feel like!

Life is full of ups and downs like a wheel rolling along and because you're in pain you're already experiencing a down. I would like to present to you my FREE Back & Hip Pain Advice to turn your present low point into a high point! I would have loved someone to have presented me with FREE Back & Hip Pain Advice; something to follow, a helping hand - I guess to know that there is someone there who really does understand what you're going through with all that back and hip pain!

I feel we are all learners in life. It would be great if we all wore a big 'L' around our necks to remind ourselves and others of this, then perhaps we wouldn't be so harsh on ourselves. Mistakes are great (I've since realised); it's a way of being able to learn and take something from that mistake, so it's not repeated. Then we can move on and the words "Why does that always happen to me?" stay unsaid.

I know what it feels like to be in back pain constantly, with back pain dominating every waking thought. I know that from stiffness or an ache eventually the back pain arrives - and I also know that if you don't take speedy action, a downward spiral begins...

Don't feel disheartened by that, because I want to share with you my hindsight and to offer you a chance of a solution to your back and / or hip pain. All it needs is for you to say "I'm going to do this; I've started today"! These words form a key statement, as by making a conscious decision to do something and then just taking one step towards it, causes a shift, a shift which takes you on another journey in life, a journey that if you keep with it, can get you where you want to be - finally free from back and / or hip pain!

All sorts of feelings hold us back and sometimes we just don't know where to start, which is why I don't want that to be the case for you (as it was for me). So let me offer you my hind sight and do with it what you feel is right for you!

I was in back pain, firstly on and off and then continuously until after 7 years I hit rock bottom and thought "What's the point in my life?"

Now I know why I had to go through all of that back pain, because if I hadn't, STOP Back & Hip Pain would never exist. But of course I did not know that at the end of 2007!

It was then I decided to draw on the knowledge I'd acquired over the years and focus on what I needed for my own back and hip pain. I had no idea or belief that I could make a change to my life, but instead of focusing on the ultimate, the bigger picture of how I wanted my life to be, I focused only on the present moment and got stuck in to making a plan to finally get rid of that troublesome back and hip pain!

The plan had one objective and that was to 'move in an easier way and STOP overcompensating with incorrect movement, which I knew was making my back and hip pain worse.

I honestly moved like my mum and she is in her 80's'. So I wanted my plan to ensure I'd get to the root of the back and hip pain problem.

I'd been told what my problems were over the years from, strained my sacroiliac, which lead onto my pelvis twisting (one hip higher than the other), bulging disc, bursitis and tight periformis, even sciatica in the early years, all of which I'm sure were right, but that didn't help for any longevity to stopping my back and hip pain. (Of course the experts are essential, if you put or back or hip out, it needs to be put back) But to stop the on going deterioration you need something else as well. So the plan had to cover the whole of my torso, not just my back and hips, so no part was left untouched - and once I'd decide on the routines that did that, I kept on repeating them each and every day - just those nothing else.

It was only after about a week that I discovered I did not move in a balanced way. Why would I after 7 years of back and hip pain? I'd lost most of the movement in my left hip, but because of enhancing my mind and body connection and refreshing my memory of movement I'd lost over time, in a matter of weeks, I knew I was changing and this change inspired me to keep going.

I could feel this was going to work, but just how much I had absolutely no idea. Gradually over time, no doubt I will reveal my ultimate potential, I can't do it now as I don't think I've got there yet!

At the time of writing in June 2011, it's more than being back and hip pain free which is incredible in itself, (you can think back to how that feels) - but I had no idea it could be more than that. The connection my mind has with my body now, I feel my mind knows each little joint, vertebra, muscles etc.

I liken it to a professional dancer or athlete who spends thousands of hours honing their skill. It feels like that, except I'm no dancer or athlete, but I feel I've achieved amazing heights with an incredible ease of movement, like jiggling a skeleton and everything is free and easy to move. I feel a powerhouse of back and hip movement totally connected with my mind. Of course your mind is connected to your body, but think is it connected like an athlete or professional dancer's is, or even how you use to be years back.

I feel young again and have total power and control to maintain the great health and wellbeing I now experience. The fear of trying something new or maybe causing injury has gone. I know if something does go wrong (which as I now ski and live my life how I want to, the possibility is there) that doesn't concern me any more. I have the power to put it right again!

I haven't spent the time an athlete does honing their skill, just a little time each and every day investing in myself. We as adults give ourselves to work, home, children or family, the list goes on, but now it is the time to give to yourself, TODAY - because after all, what good are you to any one else if your not well yourself. Life is about balance everything in our life should be balanced, work, rest and play!

And now I'm excited to detail all the things I've learned about eliminating back and hip pain - and for you to discover which ones are right for you. STOP Back & Hip Pain is simple to follow and simple to make that change but only if you decide to do so! Go on decide today ans say I'm going to try something different and see where it may take you...

FREE STOP Back and Hip Pain Advice - Parts 1 & 2 ...

  1. No surprise for you but you do need my STOP Back & Hip Pain CDs. So decide to go ahead with that when you feel the time is right for you, but in the meantime with no time like the present...
  2. Place both your hands on your stomach, take a deep breath in all the way down and fill up your stomach with air (you will feel your stomach expand) focus below your hands as you breath in, have as many tries as you need until you fill up, then breath out slowly (I always close my eyes).

As you breath out feel your torso sink as you relax. Do this until your shoulders are down then open your eyes and say, out load or to yourself, "I've started my journey towards a back and hip pain free life!" Do and say this everyday until you feel something is happening and then you can stop the words, but the breathing can continue anytime in the day when you're feeling rushed, pressurised, stressed, fed up or basically any feeling that's other than pretty good!

Since 2007 I've discovered the solution to my back and hip pain was a combination of things I needed to address, such as stress, setting unrealistic targets each day, not relaxing to release tension, detachment from my own body and feelings, not communicating my feelings - and because of ongoing back and hip pain, overcompensating with movements which lead to an incredible lack of correct co-ordinated movement. All in all a mess really. But that life is so far behind me now and amazingly life just keeps getting better and better. Now back and hip pain free, I'm healthy, happy, positive, loving life, feeling great, in the best shape and dancing (I love to dance) as if I'm in my twenties. Now that's quite a statement as I'm nearer 50 than 45! Because of all that has happened to me, I want to share it with you, so maybe you too can turn your life around and become back and hip pain free like me!

Now I'm not a physician, just an ordinary person who's had an enormous amount of back and hip pain trying to find a solution to stop that, who happens to love research and trying all manner of things which I did for a 7 years period only to discover, from complete and utter despair, I had to take control of life, me and myself. In fact the answer was within; I just had to listen to myself, my spirit, soul, higher being, inner being, call what you will - and trust in myself, open my eyes and be aware, listen to my intuition and take control.

At first the changes were slow (don't forget, I was at rock bottom) but as time has gone by the changes became rapid and in fact are still happening now (I wonder where it will all end), although my back and hip pain disappeared at the end of 2007!

(Please read the page marked disclaimer, thank you.)

Now more than anything in the world "I'm passionate about helping others attain the healthiest, happiest, back and hipo pain free life that I know can be achieved by working mind and body together".