Helen Brister

Helen Brister

I am a energy healer, writer, speaker, intuitive guide and teacher. I work with divine light and love, sound, crystals, colour and shamanic healing modalities on all levels of being from physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. I specialise in assemblage point alignment, chakra energising and balancing and removal of energy blockages within the physical body and energy field. Taking healing to a high level of personal development on all levels.

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Please call:
01923 268 046

Please call:
01923 268 046

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I couldn't stand the agony, so I started my own plan...

Originally published in Full House Magazine

Helen BristerAll my daughter Holly, seven, wanted to do was go to the park.

"Sorry, sweetheart", I sighed, grimacing as I sat back down on the sofa. "Mummy's in pain and can't go out today."

I was only 44, yet I felt like I was trapped in the body of a much older woman.

Holly's face fell - I felt terrible.  The thing is, I could barely do anything on my own.  It was all because of my back!

My problems had started seven years before.  I'd een trying to shift my baby blubber on a weight machine at the gym when I'd felt a sudden, sharp pull.

Later, no matter which way I'd turned, it hurt.

"Go to see a chiropractor." my hubby Robert, 44, insisted.

And he was right.  "It looks like you've pulled a ligament," the chiropractor explained.  "All you can do is rest."

But even with painkillers and rest, the pain hadn't eased.  Instead, it's gradually got worse.

Now, the constant strain had led to my pelvis twisting and meant I had one hip higher than the other.

The thing that bothered me the most though, was the fact that I was missing out on playing with my daughter.

"I can't stand this anymore," I sighed to Robert later that night.  "I've tried yoga classes, sport massages, the whole lot....".  "Perhaps I should try my own exercises, "I said.

"You might as well - what have you got to lose," he replied.

So, taking matters into my own hands, I started shortening normal exercises and combining them with different yoga and pilates movements.

Soon, I'd discovered, that if I pictured the body part being used, I was able to connect both body and mind, which really improved my movement.

"I feel like a new woman," I told Robert after a couple of weeks.

Three months on, the pain in my back had gone.  I could do loads more with Holly, and even managed to swim with dolphins on holiday in Mexico.

Over the next few years, I started writing my techniques down and began to think about how my moves could help others, too.

Last year, I launched my own website and audio CD.  Already, I've sold 150 copies, and so far the feedback has been amazing.

I hope to expand my exercises to schools to help teachers and pupils with their back problems.  I've definitely bounced back now!